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History of the Salisbury Country Fire Service ...

The Salisbury CFS Brigade consists entirely of volunteers.

In early 1943, Salisbury mushroomed into a munitions manufacturing centre, supporting the War effort.

John J. Whyte (the then, Director of the Emergency Fire Service) gave the brigade the name "Munitions Fire District". He established a fire station at No 2 Explosives and Filling Factory, with five firemen and three appliances, supervised by Senior Fireman, Fred Kerr.

After a large fire occurred in the Munitions Factory, a group of concerned residents, including Allen (Dudley) King, saw the need and formed a brigade in the Salisbury Township. With the assistance of the District Council, a levy of sixpence was placed on the landholders in the area to assist in the provision of equipment.

Fire protection in Salisbury between 1943 and 1952 was limited to knapsacks, fire beaters and 400 feet of hose, which was on loan from the Civil Defence organization. The town was warned of a fire by ringing the bell at the Methodist Church.

After a huge fire at the railway yards adjacent the Flour Mill in 1951 on the eve of Labor Day celebrations, the need for a fire appliance was seen. With limited equipment and poor water pressure, and the assistance of the Munitions Brigade, half the railway yards were saved. However, terrible weather conditions caused spot fires from the railway yards up to some one and a half miles (~2.4km) away, which were eventually put out by residents.

The old 'Air Raid' siren from the Munitions Factory replaced the church warning bell until 1989, when it finally wore out.

A public meeting in March of 1952 agreed that all ratepayers would pay threepence in the pound (Sterling) and four thousand pounds was raised to purchase a four-wheel drive wartime 'Blitz Buggy' converted to a fire appliance. This stayed in service in Salisbury until 1964, and then saw duty on the west coast until it was pensioned off in 1983.

Since that time, technology has improved, as have fire stations. The first appliance was kept next to the driver's residence and the Salisbury RSL (in the open) and then in a Nissan hut at the rear of the present station.

Salisbury CFS Brigade moved into Wiltshire Street on the 3rd of March 1971. This building had an extension on the 7th of September 1987, to allow for more space for appliances.

On the 23rd of May 2004, Salisbury CFS relocated to 156 Commercial Road, Salisbury SA, 5108 where they operated for 1/10th of a century before moving to the current premises at 27 Playford Crescent on the 16th April, 2014.

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